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e-learning Consultancy

We have been delivering e-learning and blended learning solutions since the late 1990s. The experience we have gained implementing a range of trailblazer e-learning development and implementation projects underpins our e-learning consultancy services. As with our training consultancy, we take time to fully understand e-learning needs, together with your organisation’s developmental aspirations. We then match these to the experience and skills of one or more of our e-learning consultants who will lead our consultancy service. Our aim is always to offer a personalised service via our core team of consultants and our network of associates.

The services we provide are designed to help establish effective, tailored e-learning solutions. We offer a range of e-learning consultancy services such as:

  • Identifying an appropriate e-learning solution - assisting organisations to understand the term e-learning it is various forms and how to determine the solution that best meets their needs (off-the-shelf or bespoke), including how to blend ie-learning with other forms of learning.
  • Supporting the development of e-learning materials - advising on the process of e-learning development including how to storyboard e-learning content and effective learner interface design.
  • Advising on the creation of e-learning - advising on e-learning authoring tool selection, the skills needed to create effective content and advising on the use of rapid e-learning tools.
  • Advising on the delivery of e-learning to users - including on-line and off-line solutions, delivery options linked to a Learning management system (LMS) or virtual learning environment (VLE), and the use of mobile remote e-learning.

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