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training services icon greenLevel 3 learning and development qualifications

The learning and development qualification is aimed at people who support training within an organisation. It is a work-based qualification that requires learners to show they are able to apply their knowledge and skills as a trainer in a workplace context.

The programme we offer comprises training workshops and on-line learning which introduces the theory that underpins the principles and practices of learning and development including:

  • identifying individual learning and development needs
  • developing/adapting training and assessment resources
  • facilitating learning and development for both groups and individuals
  • assessing occupational competence in the work environment
  • assessing vocational skills, knowledge and understanding

Achieving your qualification

To achieve the qualification you must achieve a minimum of 30 credits based on a combination of mandatory and optional units. The two mandatory units that must be completed are:

  • Understand the principles and practices of learning and development
  • Reflect on and improve own practice in learning and development

A further six credits must be achieved by taking one or other of two units in Group B.  These two units are:

  • facilitating learning and development in groups
  • facilitating learning and development for individuals

The remaining 12 credits can be achieved by taking the other unit in Group B combined with units from Group C. Alternatively 12 credits can be chosen only from Group C. 

To be able to achieve this qualification you must have access to a work environment where you are involved in the delivery of training and assessment. Following completion of the Training Workshops, you will be given time to develop your skills as a trainer. You will receive an individual assessment plan to outline the evidence that is required to achieve the units and the qualification. Your evidence will need to include unit reports showing you understand the assessment criteria specified in your chosen units. You will need to link these reports to evidence collected from your workplace.  In addition to this, you will also be observed by your assessor completing training and/or assessment activities in the workplace.

All your unit reports and evidence will need to be presented in a portfolio. Once completed your portfolio will be assessed by one of our team of assessors who will determine if the evidence presented is relevant, reliable and sufficient to meet the requirements of the units.

Please note that each learner will have a personal assessment plan will specify the timescale for the development based on need.  Typically this requires completion within six moths of the course start date.

The cost for the training workshop, unit assessment, verification and certification is £900 plus VAT. This is based on a minimum number of delegates attending the course.

Please note: This does not include your assessor's travel costs for observed assessment. This will be calculated on an individual basis.

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