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Case Studies

Scroll down to read about some of the different Moodle sites we have both developed and host.


rolo moodleROLO Online

ROLO (Register of Land-based Operations) is part of the British Association of Landscape Industries. ROLO aims to raise the standards of health and safety and reduce risks and accidents throughout the landscape industry for anyone who works in the land-based sector.

In late 2019 RI was comissioned to design and implement a Moodle based on-line learning environment and develop blended learning materials to supplement the delivery of the ROLO Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Level 3 and 4 Courses, a pre-requisite for anyone applying for a LISS/CSCS SmartCard and are avaible on the ROLO moodle site.


red ensign moodleMaritime Online Training

Red Ensign offers UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Seafish Industry Authority approved courses together with Apprenticeship Maritime Studies qualifications from SQA. 

RI was commissioned in 2019 by Red Ensign to design and create a Moodle based VLE to to support the delivery of its courses.




ABC Learning Areaabc moodle portfolio

Anorexia and Bulimia Care (ABC) is a registered charity. It is a national organisation run for sufferers of eating disorders, their families, carers and professionals.

RI was commissioned by ABC to design, create and host a Moodle based on-line learning environment to support learning materials that promote a greater understanding of eating disorders.  The site has been designed for easy access allowing sufferers, their families, carers and professionals an opportunity to find out more about these common eating disorders.



Seafish Online Trainingseafish

Seafish is a Government quango which has national responsibility for safety and training in the UK fishing industry.

RI was commissioned in 1994 to design and implement a Moodle based on-line learning environment to support the development of fishermen.  Since that time RI has hosted, maintained and managed the site for Seafish. This has meant up-dating the site and migrating its content through numerous Moodle updates.  The primary purpose of the site is the provision of access to secure e-assessment for fishermen that are undertaking certificates of competence. It also provides access to revision materials for those who need to up-date their knowledge before undertaking an assessment.



Barfoots Training Academybarfoots moodle

Barfoots of Botley is one of the UKs leading suppliers of sweetcorn and fresh produce, servicing many of the large retailers.  It is a progressive and innovative company that has fully embraced modern technology in support of its staff development.

RI was commissioned by Barfoots in 2000 to design, create and host a Moodle based learning environment to support the provision of staff training.  The learning environment underpins the Barfoots Academy which in turn controls the development of the core competencies required for BRC compliance in areas such as health and safety, hygiene and effective working.



KLM UK Online Trainingklm

KLM operate an engineering college based in Norwich supporting the development of engineering staff for the aviation industry.

RI was commissioned in 2013 to design and host a Moodle based on-line learning environment to support the provision of remote engineering training courses to college students from across the globe.  Since this time RI has hosted, maintained and managed the site for KLM.  This has involved several site up-dates in line with various Moodle version up-dates.

Click on the link below to see the site live.



Land Based Learning Onlinelandbased leraning

Land Based Learning Ltd was a joint venture between Landex members and the University of Northampton to deliver high quality interactive online course materials.

RI was commissioned in 2015 to design and implement a Moodle based on-line learning environment to host learning materials that support teaching at land based colleges throughout the UK. The system is designed to seamlessly integrate with each college’s own individual learning platforms via the LTI link that allows remote users on different sites to access selected courses and activities.

We successfully developed and managed this site until April 2018.




CMTcmt moodle portfolio

RI successfully implemented a Moodle up-grade and site redesign for CMT London.  The up-grade required moving the existing site and courses from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 3.4.  The re-design ensures a seamless link between their company website and their Moodle VLE.  







Cambridge University Health Partnership (CUHP) and Addenbrookes Postgraduate Medical Centre (PGMC)

In 2016 we redesigned and up-dated the PGMC Moodle site, so it better supported the e-learning training provision for medical professionals. included the creation of a series of courses to host a series of SCORM packages.

Since 2016 we have provided Moodle administrator support managing content and learners on the site.