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Moodle design and development

We provide a wide range of services to assist you on your Moodle journey.



This is where we would work with you to understand your needs and on the best way to set-up your Moodle site.  



We can advise on design and customisation helping to ensure you get what you require from the site via the category and course based system.  This includes advising on individual course design and set-up linked to the needs of prospective learners.



It is likely that you will be creating your own courses and adding the content.  To support this we provide training so your Moodle administrators and course creators can develop the content.  If however you are not in a position to complete this process then we can include course creation as part of our service.


mainSite maintenance

Moodle is a robust piece of software so once set-up it should run effectively.  We will however advise on operational matters and provide maintenance support as required as part of the routine hosting package.