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Training and development consultancy

Since 1989 we have been providing training and development consultancy at both an industry and organisational level. We take time to fully understand training and development needs, as well as your organisation’s culture and developmental aspirations. We then match these to the experience and skills of one or more of our training consultants. Our aim is always to offer a personalised service via our core team of consultants and our network of associates.

The services we provide are designed to help establish effective training solutions. Consultancy services on offer include: 

  • Training needs analysis - establishing the training needs of both organisations and individual learners
  • Competency framework development - helping organisations to specify the skills, knowledge and behaviours that underpin competent performance
  • Training strategy development - helping organisations to create a training strategy to support their development objectives
  • Training resource creation - supporting the development of  both electronic and conventional  training resources in a range of different formats
  • Qualification development - Supporting organisations to both create and accredit  both nationally recognised and bespoke qualifications
  • Apprenticeship design and implementation - supporting the development of apprenticeship standards and assessment processes
  • Quality assurance system development - advising on the creation of quality assurance systems and processes that are essential to the implementation of quality assured training and assessment processes

Note that our consultants have successfully offered these services in a range of different industries including agriculture, animal care,  aquaculture, fishing, fish processing, food and drink manufacture, forestry, game conservation, land-based industries, learning and development, manufacturing, maritime, oil and gas, and renewables.

Contact us using the link below or by phoning 07552021021 and let us help you find the training solution you are looking for.


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