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Trainer Training

We offer a range of trainer training courses that are designed specifically for anyone who wants to develop or improve their training skills.  We will adjust courses depending on need and can facilitate one through to five-day training courses. Obviously the duration of the course will determine the exact course objectives and depth of knowledge and skills to be gained. In all situations, we will cover the following topics.

  • The training cycle
  • Learning styles and how people learn
  • The role and responsibilities of the trainer
  • The development of effective training materials and resources
  • The organisation of effective training events
  • Presentation techniques
  • Learning activities and exercises
  • Skills training
  • Instruction, coaching and mentoring
  • Assessing competence
  • Evaluation

As part of all our courses, participants are expected to get actively involved and deliver a number of short presentations and activities.

The course will be run according to our COVID-19 policy. Note that we recommend a minimum number of four delegates should attend to ensure the effective implementation of all the course activities.

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