e-learning Development.

RI Training’s approach to bespoke eLearning development is based on the following process steps:

  1. Project scoping – One of the RI Team will meet the client and form a detailed understanding of the project. Based on this understanding a development specification and project plan will be created taking account of the needs of the learners, learning materials and the organisation itself.
  2. Product development - RI’s team of learning and instructional designers will work with subject experts to storyboard the eLearning material in accordance with the development specification. It is the storyboard content that is then used to generate the bespoke eLearning material using Articulate.
  3. Product testing – RI always provide Beta versions of their eLearning materials for testing by their client. This testing is essential to the development process in that it helps to confirm that the materials are fit for purpose prior to final production.
  4. Production – RI can publish the final eLearning materials in either HTML5 or SCORM format. For many organisations SCORM is the preferred because of the cross-platform compatibility its promises to end users.

Using the approach, we have described we have successfully produced e-learning for clients to:

The services RI Training provides are always linked to the exact needs of our clients, this means that we are able to make the e-learning solution as sustainable and cost-effective as possible. Working with technical subject experts allows us to create bespoke solutions in a wide range of different industry contexts. We also offer 'Rapid' e-learning services which can provide effective solutions to any urgent business demand.

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"Thanks, Patrick and the RI team, for all your invaluable input to develop a great house style and easy to navigate learning system. "
- Martyn Haynes, Pure Salmon -