Moodle development.

Implementing a Moodle site in practical terms involves a three-stage development process.

Stage 1 – A base line assessment

This is where our team will complete our fact finding to understand our clients needs and determine the current and future site requirements. We always strive for sustainable solutions which means establishing the site so it meets the existing needs and is easily scalable to take account of any anticipated future needs. As part of this process we like to obtain sample content so that it can be added to courses during the development stage.

Stage 2 – Development

During this stage the Moodle site is secured on the server. Our design team will create the design template for the site and will establish the site category and course structures. This includes advising on individual course design and set-up linked to the needs and characteristics of prospective learners.

Any additional plug-in software will be added and sample courses created using the materials obtained during stage 1. The main outcome of this stage is the creation of a Beta version of the site and the materials for approval.

Stage 3 – Site role out

This is the concluding part of the development where the approved site is launched. Typically, the focus of this development stage is on training, where our training team will spend time with our clients helping to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and develop the Moodle site going forward. Training is always matched to the training needs of the client and their staff. Our technical team is also on hand to deal with any technical issues that can occur during the site roll out.

Moodle is a robust LMS, so once set-up it should run effectively. We will however, advise on operational matters and provide maintenance support as required as part of our routine hosting package.

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"Thanks, Patrick and the RI team, for all your invaluable input to develop a great house style and easy to navigate learning system. "
- Martyn Haynes, Pure Salmon -