Moodle managment.

We provide a Moodle Management service to some of our clients, where we undertake the ‘Site Super Administrator' role on their behalf, ensuring the effective utilisation of their Moodle site.

We can perform all the standard Moodle administration functions such as:

  • Users management
  • Course set-up and administration
  • Course content creation and population
  • Generating on-site activity reports
  • Site plugin management
  • Administering site security updates

By using our Moodle management service, organisations can rest assured that they are getting the most out of their Moodle site and giving their users an enhanced Moodle experience.

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"Thanks, Patrick and the RI team, for all your invaluable input to develop a great house style and easy to navigate learning system. "
- Martyn Haynes, Pure Salmon -