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CMT London

CMT London is a specialist communication training consultancy based in London. RI successfully implemented a Moodle up-grade and site redesign for the company. The up-grade required moving the existing site and courses from Moodle 1.9 to the latest version of Moodle. The re-design also ensured a seamless link between their company website and their Moodle VLE.

In addition, we also supported CMT in the development of a blended e-learning product on Gender Balance, that aims to help people develop an understanding of gender balance and its effects in the workplace. It also provides some simple solutions that can be used to help address any imbalance.

The e-learning was created as a whitle label product, so it can be used as either a generic CMT product, or as a bespoke product capable of being adapted to reflect the specific needs and wants of individual organisations.

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Gender Balance - barriers, beliefs and behaviour
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