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Back in December 2022 we were pleased to announce that we had been able to establish a new working relationship with training consultancy ‘Enable Assessment’.
We established this new working arrangement in order to gain an economy of scale that would help us meet the fees currently being charged by Pearson BTEC, which often prove prohibitive to small assessment centres offering training and development qualifications.
We were also positive about this new relationship because it allows us to extend the range of training and assessment qualifications we can deliver including the External Quality Assurance (EQA) qualifications and the new End-point Assessor (EPA) qualifications that are becoming the accepted standard for apprenticeship End Point Assessors.
Our new working relationship with ‘Enable Assessment’ has developed further since December. We held a standardisation meeting in late February which provided a great opportunity for reflection and the development of a shared vision going forward. The merits of different online portfolios were a source of much discussion. Going forward we will be comparing the application of a simple Dropbox based portfolio with the SwiftTrack ePortfolio.
We also completed our first assessment and verification working with Julie Smith as IQA. The first candidate was Rebecca from Include-ed who has been assessed as competent as an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) supporting The Postgraduate Award of Proficiency in Assessment for Access Arrangements (PAPAA).
We also enrolled our first EQA candidate with Enable Assessment working towards their EQA qualification. We really enjoyed the EQA induction training as it provides an opportunity to fully explore the role of the EQA in the strategic development of quality assurance within assessment and training centres.
If you are interested in gaining an EQA or EPA qualification, please get in touch.
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