Finance for Fishers elearning development

We have been supporting our long-established client Seafish, with the creation of a new elearning package for the UK fishing industry.  
Last year Seafish, working in partnership with the Seafarers Charity, created a face-to-face course as part of their Safety Net campaign, that was targeted at those working in the fishing industry, particularly new entrants.  
The course is designed specifically for fishers to help them manage their finances. It provides lots of tips on managing personal finance as well as information on how to avoid and manage debt effectively. Those completing the course are also provided with lots of useful links to organisations that can help provide financial help and advice.
Our project with Seafish has been to convert this face-to-face course and supporting resources into a stand-alone online elearning course hosted on the Seafish Online Moodle site. We were required to make the conversion in such a way, so that the elearning mirrored the face-to face course and course resources.  We are currently at the Beta development stage with the draft materials being reviewed by Seafish in advance of their finalisation and launch.
We are really pleased with the draft materials and in our opinion the timing of this project is just spot on, given the current financial situation all in the UK are facing!

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