HACCP for Non-Food Businesses

Following a COVID postponement in April we were finally able to run Day One of our HACCP for Non-food Businesses training programme this month for Mibelle Ltd, part of the Mibelle Group, a global manufacturer and marketer of household and cosmetic products.   

The training was delivered at their Bradford site to 12 employees who are to form their new HACCP team. The training session was a success and sparked a lot of engaging discussion around HACCP in a non-food context, with valuable contributions being made by all participants.   

Following the workshop the new HACCP team at Mibelle are now applying what they have learnt and are undertaking a HACCP review of the company’s existing HACCP system, where the team will assess existing processes and procedures in order to identify opportunities for development.  

This review process is part of the HACCP training in preparation for Day Two of the HACCP workshop, where the team's findings will be presented in July and form the basis for that day’s training focus. 

As the majority of our clients seeking HACCP training are unique, all our non-food HACCP training courses are bespoke so that can be adapted to support the implementation of HACCP in any non-food business.

If you are interested in HACCP training for your team, head on over to our dedicated HACCP training website at to see what we have on offer or contact us today to discuss you particular HACCP requirements.


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