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We recently attended a fabulous conference organised by the Apprenticeship Directory in Birmingham. The conference provided some useful background information on apprenticeships and endpoint assessment. There were some interesting topics covered including:

  • Virtuality reality and its role in training and assessment
  • The value of standardising End Point Assessments
  • Apprenticeship non-completion. Why?
  • Disabled people on apprenticeships

The conference providing a great insight in to the current apprentice provision and a real insight into the issues faced by those both delivering and undertaking apprenticeships.

We also attended an online seminar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT. The seminar was aimed at those who write eLearning materials introducing the strengths and weaknesses of Chat GPT as a development tool.

The webinar presenters explained the principle behind the AI underpinning the App and provided illustrations on how it can be used to support the creation of learning content. We were impressed at the speed it took for the content created by the App to appear on screen, but it also raised questions regarding the validity of the content. The seminar presenters also offered a word of warning, stressing that as with any research, it is important to check the accuracy of any content generated. There would also be a need to correct any American English for a British audience.

As eLearning content developers, we feel AI certainly has a role to play in sourcing and presenting content in the future and will keep you updated as we learn more.

The other application as a company we identified for Chat GPT is how it could be used by our assessor, IQA and trainer students in supporting the development of their assignments and project work. As a result, we feel that we are going to have to alter our assessment methods, and look at alternative ways of authenticating and validating evidence to ensure learner understanding. Again, we will report back on this as things develop.

Patrick also attended a local skills roadshow event in Bury St Edmunds, organised by the Norfolk and the Suffolk Chambers of Commerce. It was a really interesting event attended by lots of different businesses and training providers. Hopefully the ideas he contributed will form a positive contribution to the development of the region’s Local Skills Improvement Plan.

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