New COVID-19 Compliant Training Being Delivered

All our courses are delivered in a bespoke format tailor-made to meet client needs and now also to comply with the ever-changing world of COVID-19.

 We are continuing to offer all our training courses in one of two ways.

On-site - We can deliver our training courses on-site if the facilities and on-site procedures available can allow for the maintenance of appropraite social distancing. To do this we would obviously need to agree on a protocol in advance of the training, specifying how we are going to conform with the current COVID-19 guidance. The number of participants will obviously depend on the available facilities and the social distancing that is achievable.  We will modify our approach to ensure participant involvement as far as is reasonably practical.

Remote Training - We can deliver all our training courses remotely via the Net.  The courses would be restructured to ensure full participation of all and would be formed of a series of on-line inputs delivered via Zoom and off-line activities that participants would be required to complete. Again to implement this approach we will finalise the details in advance to ensure the needs of participants can be met.  


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