SwiftTrack launches

Competence assessment and recording made easy!

Over the last couple of years, RI has helped develop SwiftTrack. SwiftTrack is a dynamic cloud-based system for recording and storing evidence of competence.

A web-based tool, SwiftTrack enables dynamic evidence collection and recording against established assessment criteria. It gives organisations the ability to easily track and monitor competence and performance standards.

The SwiftTrack approach is very intuitive, allowing easy access to evidence for the monitoring, evidencing and verification of performance.

SwiftTrack is a fully customisable system that has been developed to work in any industry context and any working environment. It is a totally flexible system which can be adapted to suit a range of different requirements and needs. It is easily adaptable to the exact needs of any organisation. Furthermore, the indicators underpinning competency and compliance can be quickly and easily added to the system using a simple text editor.

Swifttrack facilitates the collection and assessment of evidence, negating the need to use clipboards and pens, and the storage of data on spreadsheets. The system allows evidence to be added as text and or media. Linking to mobile devices allows the addition of text, image, audio and video-based resources.  It is simplicity itself, allowing data to be recorded and linked directly to the specified assessment criteria.

The system can be used in a range of different contexts:

  • By learners working towards achieving given targets and qualifications, who are required to collect and store evidence of their own competence.
  • By auditors who need to collect and store evidence to demonstrate compliance for team and individuals.
  • By assessors who are expected to collect and record evidence of competence as demonstrated by others.

SwiftTrack is inherently simple and easy to use, linking directly to any internet enabled device, and brining all the power, functionality, accuracy and time-saving benefits expected from a cutting-edge, cloud-based app.

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