Training at the Donkey Sanctuary

We are pleased to announce that once again 2022 we will be supporting the work of the Donkey sanctuary. This time we will be working with the core Donkey Assisted Activities team supporting their development as trainers, assessors, and quality assurers.

This core team of professional trainers has the responsibility to develop the various centre-based Donkey Assisted Activities (DAA) teams, so they are better able to facilitate the interaction between people and donkeys to support the development of people's life skills and wellbeing.  These activities help people to better deal with challenges in everyday life. They also promote positive attitudes towards donkeys.

Prior to this we supported Training Manager Lou Walder with her development as an Internal Quality Assurer at the sanctuary. As well as achieving her IQA qualification, her hard work has resulted in the Sanctuary gaining an effective system of quality assurance, that supports all aspects of staff training and development.

All the training at The Donkey Sanctuary utilises SwiftTrack's technology to easily track and monitor competence and performance standards.

The Donkey Sanctuary

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