Moodle implementation.

Since 2005 we have been providing a range of Moodle hosting and implementation solutions. Any solution we offer is always developed in consultation with our client. We currently support a range of different sites for both large and small training and education organisations.

We like to provide a turn key service, supporting the complete process including site hosting, design and development. We prefer to provide hosting on one of our approved web servers because as approved servers, we are fully aware of their capabilities and can be certain that the required functionality can be provided. We can also be certain about access rights and security. In saying this is our preference, we do support clients who host the Moodle software on their own server. When using our approved servers, we know where we are and what is achievable.

It is worth noting that for many small training providers that managing and maintaining a complete Moodle site is not something that they wish to undertake. If this is you, then why not consider our course hosting service with bespoke courses supported on our own Moodle site: This approach is ideal for those who want to test out elearning, such as small organisations without the capacity to take on hosting their own Moodle site. Click on the link below to find out more about the Moodle services we provide, or view our elearning portfolio to view some of the Moodle sites we have developed.

"Thanks, Patrick and the RI team, for all your invaluable input to develop a great house style and easy to navigate learning system. "
- Martyn Haynes, Pure Salmon -