e-commerce website and Moodle site integration

We have completed the development stage of this project to create an integrated e-commerce website and Moodle site for KLM Engineering. The process of integration was quite complex and required some additional programming to facilitate a seamless site integration between WordPress and Moodle.  
The WordPress site now forms the principal website of KLM Engineering introducing the services they provide. In addition to the general information provided on the services available via KLM Engineering, the WordPress site front end also facilitates an e-commerce function. Prospective students can now scroll through, browse and select courses from a wide range of eLearning courses on offer from KLM Engineering.
Once selected, a course can be purchased direct on the site via the WooCommerce e-commerce platform. When the transaction is complete, the student is automatically enrolled and receives their Moodle course login. This login takes the students seamlessly to the e-learning course they have purchased on the Moodle site.  
KLM Engineering are now staging the release of their e-learning offering via their new site.  So far only the KLM Engineering Part 66 Basic courses are available to purchase direct from the site.
Having completed this development process, we are now well placed to offer this service to others and support the creation of more eCommerce-based access to eLearning opportunities.
KLM website

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