e-learning for the Tug Sector

RI Training began a new e-learning development in the maritime sector in early March, when we signed up a new project to support Western Maritime Training with the development of a suite of e-learning resources to be used to support the development of Tug Crews across the UK.

The development will involve converting a range of paper-based training resources into e-learning packages to be hosted on-line. The material will support the development of both Tug Masters and Officers of the watch through the provision of the knowledge and understanding that is essential to the competencies required for safe tug boat operations.  

The learning materials will cover a range of topics including:

  • Vessel navigation
  • Vessel stability
  • Tug operations
  • Vessel management
  • Vessel safety

As part of the development process our team of instructional and graphic designers will convert the content into Moodle based learning resources. Converting them into Moodle based learning resources provides an opportunity to invigorate the existing materials by adding more visual resources and learner interactions. It also provides easy access to other web-based learning resources.

The materials when developed will be hosted as a bespoke course on RI Training’s own Moodle site as part of our e-learning course hosting service. Hazel Bennet, Managing Director at Western Maritime Training, chose the hosted course option because of the speed of implementation and the support provided post launch of the course. We will be providing technical and administrative support to Western Maritime Training to ensure a smooth roll out of the course to trainees.

Western Maritime Training

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