New Tug Boats training resources

The first of a suite of learning resources we were commissioned to create for Western Maritime Training have now been completed. This initial set of training resources cover topics such as tug operations, vessel stability, towing equipment, tug vessels and equipment.

For the first stage of the project we have focused on the revision and digitisation of the company’s existing paper based training resources, that provide prospective Tug Masters with the knowledge and skills required to achieve their basic certificate of competence.

It has been interesting and rewarding work so far and the RI Training team involved in the development work have developed a far greater appreciation and understanding of port-based tugboat operations and what it means to be a Tug Master, and are looking forward to working with Western Maritime Training to develop the next tranche of learning resources. 

Big thanks also go out to the BTA (British Tugowners Association) for the supply of some fantastic images to help enhance the learning resources.

If your company, like Western Maritime Training, already have a wealth of existing training materials you would like to update, enhance and convert into eLearning training resources, please explore our eLearning consultancy services and/or contact us direct, to learn how we could also help you.


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