Tug Masters to access SwiftTrack

We have been able to link Western Maritime Training with the Workboat Association so that they are now able to utilise the easy-to-use SwiftTrack e-portfolio system.
In the future, trainee tug masters will be set-up so they can utilise the system to record both the knowledge and performance-based evidence that is needed to achieve the SQA Tug Master qualifications.
The SwiftTrack App is ideally suited for use in the maritime sector, or any other remote setting, because it allows the recording and storing of evidence electronically even when devices are not connected to the internet. Evidence collected while off-line syncs back to the SwiftTract storage facility as soon as the connection is re-established.
The development of this service is an extension of the Workboat Association’s SwiftTract system which is being used to support the Workboat Apprenticeship scheme. It has been used successfully by the Workboat Apprentices for the past two years.
If you think your organisation could benefit using SwiftTrack please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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