World of learning conference and exhibition

It was great to be able to attend our first learning conference and exhibition post COVID.  It was an interesting event, but a shame about the parking charges at the NEC. All those attending are a captive audience and don’t they know it!
We met lots of interesting people in the training and learning industry and discovered some exciting new ideas to further investigate going forward. We were impressed with some new video editing software, a bolt on for Zoom, that improves the display functionality for trainers.  
We were surprised by how many learning management systems (LMSs) are now on the market and linked to these, the amount of generic eLearning materials that are now available. Cartoons characters seem to be the flavour of the month for a lot of the eLearning delivery, with most of the content focusing on compliance training.
We are hoping that in follow-up to the exhibition we will be able to connect with one or two of the companies we met, to explore how we can share resources and work together in the future. Watch this space!  
One notable observation we did make, was the apparent narrowness in the assessment opportunities offered by the LMSs we saw. It appears SwiftTrack is way ahead of the game!
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